Welcome to holidaygirl1225's game secrets, glitches, and theories blog! Happy Holidays!

Hello! I'm HolidayGirl1225, also known as Noelle Holiday. This is my webpage x)

I'll post things mostly about video games on here. Mainly Undertale and Deltarune, they've my favourite games of all time. But I'll also post about other games I like! Maybe other stuff I like too.

Here is some other information about me:

- I'm apart of a DID system called the Clover Collective. I'm the host with my three co-hosts, Blue, April, and Marina.

- I'm bodily 18 years old (My alter age is 16 years old), white, transmasculine nonbinary, and TME and perisex.

- I am a cis girl lesbian and use she/her and any snow/Christmas themed neopronouns. I prefer she/her though.

- For anyone viewing this, I would prefer if you checked this page out for information about our boundaries and stuff.

Thank you for reading my website! Please feel free to sign my guestbook. Bye x)

(By the way, the play button will link you to a Spotify song. I don't know how to do JavaScript)