Welcome to holidaygirl1225's game secrets, glitches, and theories blog! Happy Holidays!

If you are blocked from our Twitter and don't know why, we will have reasons here!

1. You violated our DNI in some way (standard, proship, etc)

2. You follow and/or associate with someone or are that someone who we really don't like. Whether this be someone who hurt us in the past or someone who hates one of our friends.

3. You're on Ninjagotwt. We have a lot of issues with that community and we want to stay away from it. If you're friends with our friends from the community you can ask to be unblocked.

4. You interacted with a post or person (followed) that is gross. We use blockchains bots to block everyone who interacts with a person we don't like.

5. You're a Spamton selfshipper. You can ask to be unblocked! Lue did this a long time ago and has moved on past the "no Spamton selfshippers allowed" thing.

6. You're just weird in general. We tend to block IRLs since they spread a lot of misinformation about delusions. They're also kind of weird toward our fictive so generally we just aren't comfortable with that.

7. You gave us bad vibes. Lue and Marina are very intuitive of people around them and will block anyone that may be uncomfortable to us.

We have like 10k people blocked so obviously we make mistakes sometimes- if after reading this you think you still didn't do anything wrong, you're more than welcome to DM us on an alt account given you aren't violating our DNI.