Welcome to holidaygirl1225's game secrets, glitches, and theories blog! Happy Holidays!

This page will double as information for my followers here and on Twitter.

My interests are:
- Deltarune/Undertale (This is our special interest!)
- Minecraft/Minecraft Story Mode
- Terraria
- Bojack Horseman
- Moral Orel
- Rhythm Games (Project Sekai/Muse Dash)
- Lego shows (Ninjago/Monkie Kid)
- Vocaloid
- What We Do in the Shadows (Show)

This is not all our interests!! Please ask if you are ever curious x)

Our system information is:
- Collectively, we are called the Clover Collective!! Mars/Clover, our collective pronouns are they/he/star/it x) My co-hosts are:
- Blue/Venus (any/it/neopronouns)
- Marina/Estella (she/it/neos)
- Asriel/April/Our birthname (she/he/neos)
- They will post on our Twitter, but I don't think they will on here.

Our boundaries are:
- Please do not try to form a parasocial relationship with me or my system. I know this sounds a little weird, but this has happened to us in the past.
- Don't use the r-slur around us and do not call us it.
- I may need tone tags, I'll ask you though if I don't understand your tone ^^
- Twitter Only: Timeline > DMs, I'm not great at socalizing one-on-one there.
- It is okay to seperate me from my source!! I am a fictive, that means I am not actually Noelle from Deltarune. I may even do it myself when discussing theories or similar
- Please DM us for our triggers. We aren't comfortable putting them out there because people use them to harass us.

Before you follow:
- Please tell us if any of us say/do anything wrong!! We are always learning and growing x)
- Some of my alters use fae/faer and post on our Twitter, we are celtic bodily! You do not have to use them if this makes you uncomfortable, we always offer alternatives. This also goes for any neopronouns, I understand they can be hard to use so if you can't use them I understand entirely
- Twitter Only: I do not tag my interests in posts. I will tag any triggering themes they have, though
- Twitter Only: Softblock to unfollow
- I'm okay with people who don't violate my DNI to ask to be unblocked
- I may go inactive/deactive sometimes
- Twitter Only: I do get into discourse a lot, typically in my Twitter circle.

Do not follow if you are:
- Under 12 or over 35 years old
- Allocishet
- Fall under standard DNI criteria
- A nontraumagenic system (any type) or in support of nontruamagenic systems
- Radinclus or exclus
- Anti-recovery (Pro-delusions, EDtwt/SHtwt, "no doubles" kind of people)
- Proship / an anti-anti / a loli or shota defender
- A DSMP/MCYT fan (No exceptions, this includes Ranboo and anyone who is in those circles.)
- A fakeclaimer (Any disorders, you do not have any authority on someone elses' disorder.)
- Someone who associates/are anyone who has hurt us in the past
- Extra: Please ask to follow if you are an IRL or don't allow selfship doubles to interact.
Why am I blocked?